hodek.net Debian Repository

This is an apt-gettable Debian package repository for a few local packages in use here. Maybe they are useful somewhere else, feel free to use them. To retrieve the packages, add the following lines to your /etc/apt/sources.list:

  deb     https://www.hodek.net/debian etch roman
  deb     https://www.hodek.net/debian lenny roman
  deb-src https://www.hodek.net/debian etch roman
  deb-src https://www.hodek.net/debian lenny roman

Short description of what's available:

An analog with a patch to make it recognize IPv6 addresses
An NPTL and i686 enabled version of glibc, built with a patch to avoid negative segment offsets. Intended for sarge installations in Xen domains.
The sarge version of postgresql with a patch from 8.0 that fixes unicode upper/lowercase conversions for the functions upper()/lower() and ILIKE.
Includes a patch to avoid ^@ characters in the log files that come from wrong treatment of messages received via UDP.
Contains a patch to read lm-sensors data from /sys under a 2.6 kernel.
Includes a fix to make it run properly on fast machines.
Experimental packaging of my mediad.

Package Signing

Since version 0.6, apt can check signatures on Release files in repositories. If you see messages like

  WARNING: The following packages cannot be authenticated!
you should probably add the key used for signing hodek.net Release files to apt's keyring:
  gpg --keyserver kerckhoffs.surfnet.nl --recv-key 2E99AAA8
  gpg --export 2E99AAA8 | sudo apt-key add -

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