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Morannon is a small but powerful Linux-based router and firewall (also running on this site :-). It's written specifically for NCU710 GX1 and GX2 hardware, so it's probably rather uninteresting to broad public.



Current version is 051023 (Changelog). You can also browse all available versions here.

boot_bzImage kernel
boot_ramdisk.gz top-level ramdisk
system_usr.cfs basic system tools (uClibc, busybox, init scripts, ...)
addon_ppp.cfs dialout stuff: pppd, pppoe, and pppmd
addon_ntp.cfs NTP-Daemon
addon_perl.cfs downsized perl (for mconfig)
addon_mconfig.cfs web interface for configuration
addon_ipv6.cfs IPv6 connectivity (via Freenet6 and/or 6-to-4 tunnel)
addon_pknock.cfs Port Knocking Daemon to trigger actions on the firewall
addon_lpd.cfs Transparent printer daemon for USB printers
addon_tc.cfs Traffic control / ADSL traffic shaping
addon_statd.cfs Nagios status daemon
addon_dsl360t.cfs D-Link DSL360T status daemon
addon_debug.cfs debugging tools

As there's only little demand for the sources by current Morannon users ;), and they would take up much space on the web server, I have omitted them from this download page. However, sources are of course available on request!

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